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All of this Cross Of Lorraine Jewelry is  Proudly Made In The USA here
in my shop in Southern California.

The "Cross of Lorraine" was believed to be first used on the Battle
Colors of Joan of Arc. It has since been used as the Symbol of many
Military Units including the U. S. Army's 79th Infantry Division (Known
as the Cross of Lorraine Division) during World War II. Also during
Libre" also known as the French Resistance.

It is still used today as part of the design for many French Army and
French Foreign Legion Units. It was recently popularized as the Viet
Nam "Team Ring" of Thomas Magnum's military unit on the series
Magnum PI. (Tom Selleck) It is one of the Universal Symbols of the
"Warrior" and worn by many Military Men, SOF and Soldiers For Hire
around the world.

You have my personal guarantee that this is 1st Quality Jewelry and is
as described.

I know what others are charging for that Mysterious Wonder Metal
with the fancy name. Bottom line is that it is not Sterling Silver or
Gold!! It is NOT precious metal.

I only work with Gold and Silver. No plated or filled junk jewelry. The
finish will not wear off of this jewelry because it is Solid. There is no
plating to wear off.

I give you pictures that are large enough to actually see the detail of
each piece of jewelry. And if you click on any of those pictures, you get
an even larger picture. We have nothing to hide.

So please take a look and feel confident that what you see is what you
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