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Cross Of Lorraine Ring - Solid Sterling Silver
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Similar to our Magnum PI Team Ring but with a bright background.

We have had many requests for the Magnum PI Ring without the
Antiqued Background.

This is a Lower Profile "Cross of Lorraine" ring. This style is preferred
my many people because it is less obtrusive in daily life and doesn't
catch as much on things like pockets every time you dig for your keys.
You can see the thickness of the ring top in the profile picture. It is
the same height as a regular Signet Style ring. Very Comfortable. And it
has a solid back.

You can also see the thickness of the shank of the ring. The ring is
thick where it needs to be for strength and thinner where it doesn't
get as much abuse and is more comfortable for everyday wear. It is
designed to last a lifetime.

The Raised Cross and Oval Border have a Bright Finish with a Bright
Stippled Background for contrast.

The ring is Solid Sterling Silver. The Cross of Lorraine is cast as part of
the ring. It can't fall out. Ever!.

Just in case my photography or your monitor is a little off in color, the
ring is White Solid Sterling Silver.

The "Cross of Lorraine" was believed to be first used on the Battle
Colors of Joan of Arc. It has since been used as the Symbol of many
Military Units including the U. S. Army's 79th Infantry Division (Known
as the Cross of Lorraine Division) during World War II. Also during
WWII it was officially adopted as the symbol of the "Forces France
Libre" also known as the French Resistance.

It is still used today as part of the design for many French Army and
French Foreign Legion Units. It was recently popularized as the
VietNam "Team Ring" of Thomas Magnum's military unit on the series
Magnum PI. (Tom Selleck) It is one of the Universal Symbols of the
"Warrior" and worn by many Military Men, SOF and Soldiers For Hire
around the world. This ring was designed and is manufactured in my
shop in Southern California. You will receive a brand new ring in your
desired finger size.

Remember, this ring is Solid Sterling Silver, not some unidentified,
chrome plated, who knows what kind of material.
Cross Of Lorraine Ring - Solid Sterling Silver (12-RB)
Size $128.00
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Cross Of Lorraine Ring - Solid Sterling Silver