French Foreign Legion Pendant 14K Gold & Sterling Silver
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French Foreign Legion Pendant 14K & Sterling
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Copyright 2007 J. R. Design Jewelry Manufacturing
The Pendant is Solid 14K Gold & Solid Sterling Silver. The French
Foreign Legion Emblem is Hard Soldered to the Pendant and is
Guaranteed to Not fall out.

The Pendant is approx. 3/4 inch High on the widest part of the oval
not counting the loops on top. Overall height is right at 1 Inch.

You can see the thickness of the pendant in the pictures as well
as the depth of the design and thickness of the 14K Emblem.

Comes boxed as shown. No chain is included in this auction.

This Pendant was designed and is manufactured in my shop in
Southern California.

The Pendant and all of it's parts are protected by the Copyright
Laws of the United States of America.

Remember, this Pendant is 14K Gold & Sterling Silver, not some
unidentified, chrome plated, who knows what kind of material.
French Foreign Legion Pendant - 14K Gold & Sterling Silver