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Super Cub 150 Key Chain "Get in, Sit Down, Shut Up, And Hold On"
Super Cub Key 150 Chain "Get in, Sit Down, Shut Up, And Hold On"
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This Key Chain is Solid Sterling Silver.

Get in
Sit Down
Shut Up
And Hold On

You can see the deeply cut design and thickness of this piece of
jewelry for your keys.

This deeply cut design cannot wear off and is guaranteed to last as
long as you own the key chain.

Has a light antique background to enhance the detail of the design.

It is approx. 1 Inch Diameter not counting the loop, chain or key ring. It
is also approx. 1/8 Inch Thick.

This is a Nicely Made, Heavy Key Chain that will last a lifetime.

A really nice gift to yourself or that special Super Cub 150 Pilot that you
Super Cub 150 Key Chain "Get In Sit Down Shut Up and Hold On (PP #43)