Piper Cub Classic Logo Pilot Wings - Sterling Silver
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Cub Logo Pilot Wings - Sterling Silver
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You can see from the pictures that this is a full 3 Dimensional Design
on the front and flat on the back.

The Piper Cub Logo is Deeply Etched and can't wear off. The wings
have a light Antique Background to enhance the detail.

Don't you deserve a pair of Solid Sterling Silver Wings for all your hard
work (play, fun)? Did you get to where you are to earn chrome plated
pot metal insignia? Not hardly!!!

Wings come with a standard dual Tie Tack/Pin setup with New Metal
Butterfly clutches.

The Wings are also Gift Boxed.

This is not mass produced, off the shelf, made by machine, souvenir
jewelry. This piece of jewelry is not made in some far off land, who
knows where. These are made by hand, by me, one by one, here in the
U. S. in Sunny Southern California.

If you are looking for a beautifully made pair of wings, you will be
proud to wear this one.

You can see from the pictures that these wings are Nicely Designed
with Lots Of Detail.

Remember, this Collar Device is "Solid Sterling Silver", not some
unidentified, chrome plated, who knows what kind of material.
Piper Cub Logo Wings - Solid Sterling Silver (#PP-9)