Red Horse Ring - 14K Gold & Sterling Silver
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This is a very nice heavy Solid 14K Gold & Solid Sterling Silver ring.

This is a Solid Back design with a wide thick shank that is designed
to last a lifetime.

Brushed Finish Top and Bright Background to enhance the Red
Horse logo.

Weight is approx. 20 Grams in size 11. (Size 11 pictured)

RED HORSE = Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair
Squadron Engineer

RED HORSE is comprised of 4000+ engineers from Active Duty,
Guard and Reserve units across the united states. RED HORSE
historic name is etched into history from its beginnings in Vietnam
1964 to present day in Afghanistan.

RED HORSE squadrons are rare breed in the USAF Engineers who
pride themselves on self sufficiency in any austere environment.

Their Moto "CAN DO, WILL DO, HAVE DONE" holds true to their
accomplishments from Vietnam, Bosnia, Somalia, Kosovo, Saudi
Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central America just to name a few.

RED HORSE numerous capabilities stem from their initial intent in
Vietnam; Horizontal and vertical construction under fire, utilizing
indigenous materials.
Red Horse Ring - 14K Gold & Sterling Silver
Red Horse Ring - 14K Gold & Sterling Silver
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