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Skull & Crossbones Ring - Sterling Silver
This Skull and Crossbones Ring top has Bright Polish Finish
with Light Antique and is approximately 9/16 inch diameter.
Finger Size 10 is pictured.

The ring is manufactured in 1 piece including the emblem in
the center. The emblem can't fall out or be knocked out. It is
part of the ring.

The ring is slightly hollow in the back in accordance with
Jewelry Industry Standard design practices. This is more for
comfort and wearability. Without this, a heavy top ring tends
to turn and the top of the ring constantly tries to get
to the inside of your hand. Even most class rings are
hollow. You just can't see it because it's inside under the
stone and down the sides. This ring in size 10 weighs
almost 1/2 an ounce.

This is a Heavy Ring. You can see from the pictures that this
ring is Nicely Designed and Heavily Constructed. It should
last a lifetime.

Remember, this ring is Solid Sterling Silver, not some
unidentified, chrome plated, who knows what kind of

Satisfaction Guaranteed. If the ring is not as described or
not as pictured, send it back for a full refund of the
purchase price.
Skull & Crossbones Ring - Sterling Silver
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Skull & Crossbones Ring - Solid Sterling Silver
Size $128.00