USMC 0317 Scout Sniper Ring Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
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USMC 0317 Scout Sniper Ring Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
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Ring is Solid Sterling Silver and the Skull & Crossbones is Solid
The ring top is 3/4 inch high. Finger Size 11 is pictured.

Deep relief design with light antique to enhance the detail of
the Skull & Crossbones and wording.

You can see the width and thickness of the shank (band) from
the pictures. This is a heavily constructed Solid Back Marine

In size 11 it weighs approximately 22 grams. The ring is heavy
where it needs to be for strength and longevity and thinner
between the fingers for comfort.

With a Solid Back design this is one of the heaviest rings we
make. It should last a lifetime.

Remember, this ring is Solid Sterling Silver and Solid 14K Gold,
not some unidentified, chrome plated, who knows what kind of
material in some far off foreign country.

This ring is proudly made by a Marine Vet (0311 69-72) here in
the U. S. A.
Marine Scout Sniper 0317 Ring Sterling & 14K (34-SC)
Size $204.00